One of the leading British airlines had a requirement for the maintenance of some large kw air cooled water chillers at their training facility.

These are used for a wide range of services; primarily to cool the hydraulic systems of the flight simulators but also to provide chilled water to the computer room air conditioning system. In addition, they supply water fan coil units inside the simulator cockpits, which keep the cockpits at a required temperature for the comfort of the pilots while training.


We were able to offer a maintenance package to accommodate the client’s 24 hour schedule and carry out the operations of their chillers, which included:

  • Checking the glycol levels in the water
  • Checking the entering and leaving water temperatures
  • Checking all electrics, controls and motors
  • General maintenance of condenser coils
  • Cleaning of the water circuit strainers
  • Checking of refrigerant operating temperatures
  • A refrigerant leak check.

Four maintenance visits were deemed necessary every year, as this is the number of times the glycol level needed checking to maintain the proper levels of frost protection and heat transfer, and also to ensure the smooth running of the client’s operation as down time would be very costly to them.


Our experienced engineer was able to utilise his skills and technical knowledge to work on this more complicated equipment to diagnose and rectify any problems he found.


By offering a fixed price for the maintenance visits, the client is able to budget the costs over an annual period and saves money from the energy efficiency of having a properly maintained system.