Our client, a blue chip multi national organization, with their head office in London, decided to embark on an energy saving exercise to reduce their energy consumption by 20% across their entire property portfolio.

They asked us to look at six air handling units which dealt with the supply and extract of air to offices, restaurants, changing areas and gymnasiums to see what energy efficiencies could be made.


We site surveyed all the equipment and made recommendations to our client regarding fitting inverters to the motors and optimising time and temperature control via the Building Management System.

The client decided that they wished to pursue the inverter installation immediately as we suggested that payback could be achieved in approximately two years.


As this work involved turning off the supply and extract air flow through the building in areas such as the toilets, kitchen and offices we were not able to undertake this work during the normal working week as it would have adversely affected the clients business.

We therefore arranged for the work to be completed at weekends over a period of several weeks by our team of highly skilled engineers, ensuring there was no disruption to the client.


After installation and running the units for several months, the graph above shows the reduction in energy and shows that each motor makes savings of approximately £1200.00 per year – needless to say one very happy client!