Create The Ideal Working Conditions – Year Round Comfort

A comfortable working environment can greatly assist in providing increased employee productivity. An environment that is too hot or cold can make it harder for employees to focus on their work. Many businesses also have clients and customers visiting their premises and their comfort is also of vital importance in maintaining good relationships and furthering business.

Air conditioning can provide both heating and cooling making it a crucial element in maintaining the correct air temperature.

Most business premises contain a large amount of electrical and electronic appliances from computers and printers to lighting and coffee machines. These appliances play a large part in the generation of heat inside a room and increase the temperature and humidity of the environment making working conditions uncomfortable.

Air conditioning can provide a solution which removes both the heat generated and the excess moisture from the air, resulting in an optimum temperature which allows employees to work to their maximum efficiency. It also means that the windows will remain close, resulting in less outside noise entering the room and ultimately less distractions for the employee.

We understand that for any business both the initial cost of installing air conditioning and the subsequent running costs will be of paramount importance. Using equipment from world class manufacturers allows us to provide you with a system that is not only right for your business premises but is also energy efficient, highly reliable and cost effective.

We can provide controllers for each area within your business that has air conditioning, allowing the temperature to be changed within a set temperature range. This not only allows employees to choose the temperature according to their own preferences but also allows you to maintain overall control of energy consumption. Timers can also be fitted to prevent the system being left on out of hours.

We have a wealth of experience in providing air conditioning solutions to businesses throughout the UK from small office units to large multinational companies and can provide advice and guidance on finding the right equipment to suit your premises.

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