Creating the perfect environment for medical excellence

We can provide comprehensive advice and guidance to clients working within the healthcare sector, not only on their legal requirements, but also on the design implications and maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems in all types of healthcare premises.

Care Homes

Already working with several of the leading nursing home providers, we have a wealth of experience in providing services to this sector.

We offer energy efficient solutions for clinic & drug rooms, which give our clients cost savings through reducing: running costs, number of call outs for faults and operating time which leads to reduced repair costs. This also increases the life span of the equipment therefore reducing over all life cycle costs. Our increased warranty periods of up to 7 years on Toshiba equipment also gives further potential cost savings for the client.

We understand the finer details of working in a nursing home environment. All our Engineers are DBS checked and fully aware of the need to keep doors secure at all times and never leave equipment such as hand tools unattended.

We can provide installation, maintenance and repair services to all of your homes throughout the UK.

We can offer a maintenance package tailored to your needs with fixed fee call out charges anywhere in the country and maintenance costs based on a fix fee per unit.

Our computer database offers clients the benefit of full refrigerant asset management insuring compliance with current legislation.

Dental Practices/ GP Surgeries/ Health Centres

Visiting the Doctors Surgery or Dentist can often be a stressful experience for patients who may well already be in some discomfort.

Providing the optimum temperature in waiting areas and treatment rooms can help alleviate this stress and increase patient and staff comfort.

We have experience in installing, maintaining and repairing air conditioning systems for leading Dentists, GP Surgeries and Healthcentres throughout the UK.

Air conditioning systems not only enhance patient and staff comfort but also ensure vital medical supplies are kept at the right temperature.

Within dental surgeries, air conditioning can be useful in the reduction of steam within designated ‘clean’ areas.

We understand your primary aim will be to continue to offer an interrupted service to your patients, allowing them to receive the medical treatment they need. Therefore, we will work with you to arrange the most suitable time for any work to be undertaken, ensuring minimum disruption to your business.


We can provide specialised ventilation for your healthcare premises to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for staff and patients. Specialised ventilation systems are often needed in critical care departments, operation theatres and isolation areas.

We have experience in assessing air handling systems in operating theatres as part of our clients annual HTM-03 Inspection.

We can determine if all units are working correctly and are being properly maintained. We will note any issues of non compliance and ensure all legal requirements are met.

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