Our client, a private international healthcare group, approached us to discuss delivering an air conditioning maintenance service to around 300 of their care homes which are based throughout the UK.


We believe (and so does our client) that the regular maintenance of air conditioning equipment is essential to maintain its optimum performance.

Regular maintenance can be effective for:

  • Reducing running costs
  • Minimising unexpected failure and for extending the lifespan in which wear out failure occurs.
  • Preventing malfunction
  • Maintaining comfort levels
  • Safety reasons including the checking of electrical parts, gas leakage and the operation of safety devices.

As the air conditioning units in these care homes are often positioned in drug clinic rooms, server rooms, laundry rooms and kitchens, they are continually used throughout the year and therefore require a higher level of maintenance than units only used during the summer months.

Climate control is also vital for areas such as drug clinic rooms and server rooms as they need to be kept at strictly regulated temperatures. Regular maintenance helps to ensure these temperatures are met at all times.


We therefore proposed that each of their homes received two maintenance visits per year incorporating one major and one minor visit and suggested a fully comprehensive package, which would include:

  • A full strip down of the unit and pump replacement (where required).
  • A leak test for refrigerant ensuring that they are compliant with F Gas regulations.
  • An asset register compiled by us which would hold details of all the serial numbers of the units at each home, together with the amount of refrigerant charge in each system.

By including for a pump replacement (should it be required) during a maintenance visit, we were able to prevent the necessity of an additional visit for this work to be carried out, reducing the overall repair and maintenance costs for our client.


Being awarded the maintenance agreement for all of their homes throughout the UK, has allowed us to effectively organize the work that is needed and co-ordinate our engineers efficiently, resulting in cost savings to our client.