What factors do you need to consider?

Whether you are planning to install an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system in your building for the first time or replace your existing one, you will need to ensure you select the right equipment for your business.

With energy efficiency and cost savings probably being a top priority, how do you ensure the system you choose meets your cooling and heating requirements?

At Mattair, we always recommend our customers begin with a complete evaluation of their current system (if they have one), together with a detailed analysis of their requirements for the future.

Most reputable Air Conditioning & Refrigeration companies will be happy to visit your premises and complete a site survey free of charge.  This will allow them to assess a number of factors which may influence the design of the system you choose:

  •  The overall size of space to be cooled/heated (square footage)
  •  The function of each room within the building for example a server room is in use 24 hours, 365 days a year. The equipment will be in continual use, increasing the heat given out.
  • The number of people working in each area
  • The orientation of the building i.e. whether it is north or south facing
  • The thermal characteristics of the building such as the lighting and the amount of electrical equipment such as computers and photocopiers.
  • The size of any windows and the insulating properties in the glass.
  • The location of both the indoor and outdoor units – the amount of outside space should be considered, as any outdoor units will need to be easily accessible for maintenance and have unrestricted airflow.

Which type of system?

Having completed the site survey, the Engineer will then be in a position to suggest the best system for your building which maybe one of the following:

Single Split Air Conditioning System

This system provides heating & cooling to one room in a building.  Consisting of 1 outdoor unit and 1 indoor unit, it can provide an energy effective solution for small businesses.

Multi Split Air Conditioning System

This system provides heating & cooling to several rooms within a building.  It consists of 1 external outdoor unit and several indoor units. The number of indoor units you can connect varies according to the manufacturer but generally ranges from between 2 to 3.

VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) Systems

A heat pump VRV system can provide heating or cooling to a building whilst a heat recovery VRV system can provide heating to one area of the building whilst providing cooling to another area at the same time.  These are ideal in large commercial buildings where different rooms require different temperatures at the same time such as server rooms and meeting rooms.

As the name ‘heat recovery’ suggests, these systems recover waste heat from around the building and use it to heat other spaces and hot water making it a cost-effective solution.

The size of the system

“Bigger Is Not Always Better”

With regard to HVAC systems, ‘bigger is not always better’.  A system which is too big for the space will lead to varying temperatures and high energy costs and a system which is too small will not reach the desired temperature.

Reliability – Which Manufacturer?

We always recommend installing equipment from leading manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Daikin or Toshiba to name but a few.  Not only do these companies manufacture equipment using the latest technology giving you greater energy efficiency and saving you money, they also provide warranties on their systems of between 3 & 7 years.


Correct installation of your equipment by professional engineers is key to ensuring the system will function as effectively as it can. In the long term this will lead to less breakdown and repairs, reduced costs and most importantly less inconvenience.

You will want your business to continue to operate with the minimum of disruption, whilst the work is undertaken so it is important to discuss with your installer how they can accommodate your work arrangements, asking for an out of hours service if this is needed.

How Much Maintenance Will The System Need?

When installing a new HVAC system or replacing an existing one, it is important to consider the ongoing AC maintenance requirements.

Regular maintenance of your system is essential to ensure it works at its optimum level.  In addition, routine maintenance will increase the lifespan of the equipment and is required by most manufacturers in order to validate the warranty.

A leak check should be included as part of your maintenance visit and this will ensure your legal obligations are met under the F Gas Regulations.  Under these regulations, anyone with air conditioning equipment installed, deemed to be the ‘operator’ is responsible for having the system leak checked at regular intervals.

We would normally recommend 1-2 visits per year for routine maintenance work but like most things; this will depend on the size of the equipment and the amount of usage.

Can We Help?

A new HVAC system will be a significant financial commitment for your business but if chosen correctly, it will provide you with optimum cooling and heating all year round.

This year, Mattair are proudly celebrating their 10th year in business.  During this time we have advised and helped many customers from small businesses to large blue chip companies, select and install the right equipment for their premises.

Based in Sheffield, Mattair undertakes work in Barnsley, Rotherham, Chesterfield, and Doncaster but have many other clients throughout the UK and are proud to offer a national service.

If you would like help with this process, please call the Mattair team today on 01246 414922

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