A New Water Chiller For A Pharmaceutical Company


Our Latest Installation – A New Water Chiller For A Pharmaceutical Company



We were recently asked to help a pharmaceutical company with the replacement of their water chiller.

The company had an existing water chiller which served 2 Downflow cabinets in their production area where they carry out the testing of products as they came off the production line.

Unfortunately, after many years of operation, the chiller became in need of replacement.



We recommended the Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics model i-BX 13, shown in the photos. This supplies chilled water at a temperature of 8c, which in turn provides cool air to the aforementioned downflow cabinets.

Mitsubishi Electric has manufactured chillers for over 40 years and purchased the Climaventa brand to enhance their product line. The Climaventa range of chillers are a new generation of water chiller designed for comfort and process cooling applications.

This unit was chosen primarily for its footprint and capacity as it need to fit in the same space as the original chiller. It was also chosen for its high efficiency especially at part loads due to the fitting of a DC Inverter driven compressor. This adapts the compressor speed to match the load to reduce power consumption. This helps to achieve, as Mitsubishi state, “the highest seasonal coefficients currently available on the market”.



Our Technical Manager, Ian Sullivan, was able to successfully carry out the installation before it was commissioned by an Engineer from Mitsubishi. This is necessary to validate the warranty.

Our engineers will provide regular maintenance visits in the future, ensuring the system runs efficiently.


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