Swimming Pool Air Handling Units – Maintenance & Repair Services

Swimming is a great form of exercise, relaxing and most of all fun!

Ensuring you can provide the best indoor environment is key to your customers enjoyment and can only be properly achieved through the use of an air handling unit designed specifically for this purpose.

At Mattair, we can provide specialist repair and maintenance services for swimming pool air handling units.

These units, unlike standard air handling units, are designed to accommodate the high humidity level and corrosive environment of a swimming pool’s atmosphere.

For the enjoyment of all those using the swimming pool, it is important that the moisture levels within the air are controlled, preventing condensation. A correctly installed and maintained air handling unit will manage both the humidity level and the air temperature.

Our engineers have the specialist technical knowledge and skills necessary to perform both routine maintenance work as well as diagnose complex technical faults.

With a swimming pool that is used on a continual basis, it will be imperative that the equipment is maintained on a regular basis, ensuring both an increased lifespan of the equipment and greater energy efficiency.

Our Engineers will carry out a full test of the system including checking the controls and sensors, cleaning the filters, ensuring the dampeners are operating correctly and looking at the air temperature and heater coil.

We specialise in maintaining Dripak units which are the units originally made to order by Andrew Engineering, but can also maintain and repair air handling units supplied from other leading manufacturers.

Our customers are based throughout the UK and come from a variety of sectors including Local Authorities, Hotels, Spas, Leisure Centres, Educational Establishments, Gym & Fitness Centres as well as private individuals.

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